When it comes to starting construction on a site, you are probably thinking about the work that needs to be done, how long it might take and which company can best perform the services you need. However, restroom facilities for employees who will be working on your construction site never crosses your mind. You need to make sure you spend some time thinking about the logistics and that you understand what is needed when it comes to portable toilets for your job site. Make sure to check with your local Safety and Health regulations in order to get some guidance.
Generally, you are required to make sure that there are toilets available for the employees at construction job sites. Furthermore, you have to make sure that workers will not be at risk of getting any health conditions that can arise if facilities are not available for use. If you have 20 or less employees, you must have at least one bathroom.
For 20 or more employees at a job site, there should be one toilet seat and one urinal for every 40 workers. At job sites with 200 employees or more, there should be one toilet seat and one urinal available for every 50 workers.
Additionally, it is important to note that if a toilet is not easy to get to, it is not considered to be available and does not count as an available portable bathroom unit. The standard is in place in to ensure that those providing portable restroom units for employees at job sites, take into account the importance of having restrooms that can be accessed in a timely manner. This reduces the risk of having unsafe health conditions. Furthermore, toilets [...]