Planning a Successful Outdoor Event

Events taking place outside need to be planned well. As there is so much that can go wrong, it goes without saying that a little bit of planning will go a long way. Below are five tips to consider if you’re planning to host your event outdoors.


Plan Around the Weather

Forecasting technology is pretty accurate these days, so make sure that you consult the oracles of the heavens before setting a date in stone. It might be worth your while to shift your event by a day or too.

Be Super-Safe

Find a venue that has indoor and outdoor options if you really want to be safe. Reserve the indoor space and use it as your back-up in case of rain or other bad weather.

Weather or Not it Changes…

Advise guests to come prepared for changing weather conditions. Depending on where in South Africa you are, the weather can change in minutes, and this can wreak havoc at outdoor events. Remind guests the that weather can change quickly, and to stay comfortable it’s best to be prepared.

Ensure That you Cater for the Call of Nature

When you need to go, you need to go. With large groups, however, that can often be a problem. Contact a company such as Comfort Loos to ensure that you have enough outdoor and mobile toilets to cater for the amount of people you have attending the event. Remember to consider things such as how long the event will go on for as well as the total number of people intending to attend so that you know how many portable loos will do the trick.

Protect Yourself

Being outdoors means bugs, bites and burns, so pick up extra sunscreen, insect repellent, bite [...]