Why do people need portable restroom services?

Long before our complex pipe system was invented and the sewerage treatment plants came into effect, people used to dig up multiple holes in the ground and use them as lavatories. There was no controlled sanitation system that had been put in place as yet. It was later upgraded to a form of the seat that was made up of a wooden plank with a hole cut in the middle, these toilets date back to the fourteenth century B.C. Some of the toilets were later given clay pots that were regularly cleaned instead of standing above a deep hole in the ground.  It, however, took them some time before they realized there was a need for privacy and this is how they started putting up walls to cover the toilet as opposed to placing the toilets in bushes that are far from their residential areas.

In the modern-day, we have a complex network of pipes fitted into almost every home collecting waste from all connected lavatories. These pipes lead everything down through the mainlines to the sewerage treatment plant where the water and waste undergo a series of specified treatments after which the purified water is then released back into the water system for re-use.

Now when the pipe system was implemented in the Victorian era, much like today a lot of areas such as work stations and farm areas far from the city centre still had no access to the luxury of the modern sanitary system. These are the people for which Comfort Loos has aimed at providing with dignified sanitation systems that are portable and need not be connected to any sewer lines.

Portable toilets are sanitary systems that are not built into any [...]

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How Many Toilets Does Your Next Event Need?

When planning for an event, a portable toilet may not be the first thing on your mind; which is one of the reasons why so many events under-cater in this regard.

Fortunately, ensuring that there are enough mobile toilets at an event is our business, which means that we are always thinking about how best to do it; which puts us in the ideal position to ensure that your event has everything it needs to ensure the dignity and comfort of your guests when nature calls.

Being able to do this, while ensuring that you stay within budget, requires a few things to think about, such as the number of guests you are expecting, what you are serving them, and how accessible your bathrooms need to be.

To help you with this, we will explore a few of the particulars when it comes to mobile toilet hire, to ensure that you have everything covered.

We will do this by looking at why having enough toilets at your event is essential, we will give you some questions to ask yourself when hiring them, and will also demonstrate some of the advantages to getting it right.

So, let’s get started:
Why Ample Toilets are Important
You’re a human being with the same natural functions as me, so you don’t need to be told why toilets are important, especially at an outdoor event where these simple comforts are not always easy to find.

But when it comes to the importance of having enough toilets on the premises, there are a number of reasons why you need to ensure that you get it right.

The first reason is simply the comfort of your guests. Simply knowing that they won’t have to make some sort of [...]

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What You Get from the Comfort Loos Mobile Executive Package

Here at Comfort Loos we strive to provide a service that brings luxury and comfort into portable toilet hire with packages that are designed to allow our clients to get the most out them.

Our mobile executive package is the prime example of how our loos don’t just provide a place for people to do their business in comfort, but also ensures a luxurious, hygienic and convenient experience for our clients and their guests.
Fully Flushable Mobile Toilet
As you would expect with any mobile toilet hire, our mobile executive package comes complete with fully flushable mobile toilets that are spacious, private and of exceptional quality. These sport a modern, clean design with a white finish and come with two cubicles; one for ladies and one for men.
Luxury Two Ply Toilet Tissue
One of the biggest fears when using portable or public toilets concerns the quality of the toilet paper. Nobody enjoys that flimsy one-ply stuff, which is why our executive package supplies luxury two-ply toilet tissue for the added convenience, comfort and confidence of your guests.
Hand Towels & Soap Dispensers
Our executive package also helps your guests take care of their personal hygiene when using our portable toilets. We do this by ensuring that they come complete with hand towels and soap dispensers.
Wash Basins & Running Water
Of course, soap dispensers and hand-towels are practically useless without the provision of running water. Our executive package takes care of this for you with specialised wash-stations.
Hygiene Services
With so many guests using our portable toilets at any event, we also understand the need for quality cleaning services to ensure that your hired toilets are consistently clean and hygienic. To help with this, [...]

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    How Comfort Loos offers Comfort, Class & Hygiene all at Once

How Comfort Loos offers Comfort, Class & Hygiene all at Once

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    Be impressed with the Mobile Toilet Facilities we can offer your Event

Be impressed with the Mobile Toilet Facilities we can offer your Event

We are a leading company in the portable toilet hire market with a high quality, luxury product aimed to offer excellent service, hygiene at affordable pricing in Gauteng.  Our range of portable toilets will suit any event whether high end or basic facilities are required. We supply to corporate events, the film industry, advertising events, musical concerts, cultural events, fashion shows, weddings, product launches and sporting events such as cycling, golf, soccer, rugby, cricket and more.
Choose the Product to Suit Your Event
Our amazing Mobile Executive range offers ladies and gents facilities with fully flushable Mobile toilets; luxury elite two ply toilet tissue, wash basins with running water and elite hand towels and soap dispensers. The total VIP package is loo’s cemented in at an affordable pricing with a Janitorial service provided on request.

The comfort deluxe package offers flushable mobile toilets and non splash Urinals, elite hand towels with soap dispensers all in a spacious design with music.

Our portable units are non-flushing and come with advanced waste tanks; hand was basins with soap dispensers and our unique ventilation systems. These are available in blue, orange or mustard colours.

We also supply paraplegic flush units that provide easy access with oversized doors, spacious interiors; three grab bars on inside walls and room for a wheel chair.

Then we also have the fleet portable shower which is becoming more popular particularly in construction and disaster relief situations.
Allow our Representatives to quote on a suitable package for your next Event
Our executive manager is on call 24 hours and guarantees punctual delivery, an onsite clean-up service and special price packages. Contact us for a free quote that suits your budget. Comfort Loo’s promise is to provide excellent [...]

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    How Comfort Loos offers Comfort, Class & Hygiene all at Once

How Comfort Loos offers Comfort, Class & Hygiene all at Once

Let’s face it, mobile toilet hire isn’t always associated with the most glamourous of qualities, but if thinking about portable toilets inspires no sense of luxury, comfort and above all, hygiene in you, then perhaps you haven’t come across the right one.

But portable toilets are not just for outdoor festivals and building sites, oftentimes they need to reach the bar of sophistication and comfort; and at all times, they need to offer an experience that is characterised by hygiene.
For the Comfort of the Throne
If the thought of portable toilets recalls cramped, dank interiors, little lighting and nothing in the way of comfort, then you obviously haven’t come across the +Maxi VIP Mobile Toilet from Comfort Loos.

Far from being the stereotypical bare base cubical, these units offer a fresh and modern design, 2-ply toilet paper, everything you need for comfort and privacy, and are spacious enough to give you all the room you need for conducting… business.
Both Portable & Proper
Not all portable toilets are right for any situation. When your event hosts guests of the highest calibre, not just any old toilet will do.

That’s where Comfort Loos comes in. Our VIP portable toilets offer something in the way of top-end luxury, complete with room for a top hat, monocle and what other type of gentrified accessory your guests might take with them during their private times.
Taking Care of Business
Hygiene is an essential concern wherever our most natural bodily function takes place, and Comfort Loos provides for it with each and every one of their offers.

From VIP stalls with sinks, soap dispensers and towels to wash stations, shower fleets and specialised cleaning services, your hygiene needs are always taken care [...]

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The Importance of Portable Showers and Toilets

Many people are involved in various activities on a daily basis that may lead to making our bodies filthy. The food we eat is digested and naturally waste is released, which needs to be passed out of the body. In this case, the requirement and importance of toilets and showers cannot be disregarded. Over time, ploughing of toilets and constructing bathrooms became hard. However, now in many parts of the world, people are embracing the use of portable showers and toilets.


With clean and convenient facilities, workers are able to save a lot of time during working hours. They do not have to search for a nearby restroom. When going out searching, breaks are prolonged and will result in delays in the job. This assists in saving money that can be rather spent on portable facilities. These amenities are a lot cheaper than constructing an entire structure from scratch.


You may think that emptying portable toilets could be an unpleasant task, but manufacturers have come up with a grand solution. Toilets are now attached with drainage pipes that lead the waste into sewage. This is to make sure that one is able to keep their hands clean and minimize bad odors as well as to offer an easier emptying process.


These amenities also offer convenience of serving people in outdoor activities. Some of these can simply be placed on the ground and serve their functions. All of this makes it possible for people that are mobility disadvantaged, as most of them have ramps fixed on them.
Apart from using portable toilets and showers in outdoor activities, they are used in many other activities too. This includes construction sites as well as renovations on an existing facility.


Conclusively, the [...]

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Why Rent a Portable Toilet on Your Construction Site

Every construction site comes with its own sets of special needs, and each has to be met with a worthwhile solution if safety, efficiency and quality are to be maintained. One such need comes from an unapologetically human requirement; the need to have access to a functioning, hygienic toilet. Because of that, construction portable toilets are a crucial part of any construction sites, and when handled properly, can bring a number of benefits to construction projects.
Boost Productivity; Reduce Turnaround
Portable toilets on site make it so that less time is wasted when workers are taking care of business. They will not have to travel far from work, which means they can get back to it more quickly.

In addition, having ample lavatory provisions in place will also maintain a positive sense or morale in them, which will increase their efficiency and shorten turnaround times.
Separating Workers & Clients
Your clients will also appreciate you coming prepared if you have a portable toilet on site, since they will not have to accommodate your workers whenever nature calls. This may cause interruptions in your clients’ schedules, or could simply make them feel uncomfortable.

So maintain a good image for your construction company on site by providing for your workers so that your clients don’t have to.
Promoting Worker Hygiene
Workplace hygiene extends far outside of the bounds of an office space, it is also important on construction sites. Not providing adequately for your workers’ needs (by not having a functioning toilet on site) will do nothing to promote good hygiene.

This may lead to workers getting sick, having to take days off from the project, and can lead to an unsavoury working environment for them.
Contact Comfort Loos [...]

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A home loo away from home

How quality and clever chemicals used can make a portable loo comfortable. Toilet hygiene relies on long lasting and effective chemicals.

These chemicals not only have to clean the toilet, but be safe on humans as well. Everyone always has questions like should I use this toilet? Or are these toilets clean and safe to use?

The answer to all these questions is yes you should use comfort loos and yes they are clean and safe at all times. Here is why you should use portable loos at an event.
Types of chemicals used
Dye – In Comfort loos dye is used to reduce odours’ in the toilet. This chemical is used in small structured tanks, which needs to be emptied often.

When these are hired the company does all the cleaning, that’s why most people prefer to hire loos. This dye is normally blue in colour, so when urine and faeces interact with it, it turns green in colour.

Biocides – These are products that keep the bacteria away.

For example: spraying disinfectant when you walk into an office or into the hospital. These keep the germs away and they also protect your skin against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

This can be used to sanitize the toilet seat and hands before and after you use the loo.

Emulsifier –  These are molecules used in comfort loos to make water and oils combine and not separate.
Contact Comfort Loos for more information about Portable toilet hire
Most of these are used for odours but also other chemicals are used to clean the actual toilet.

These three chemicals work together by disinfecting and removing all odour and making it extra safe for humans to use.

Portable loos are the best for events and especially [...]

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Hire the Right Mobile Toilets for Your Event

Catering for a large amount of people comes with a number of challenges and considerations, and often enough, the most overlooked of these is possibly the most important.

Where your guests go to ‘do their business’ should be your business; since keeping them comfortable at your event requires having not only enough toilets for them to use, but the right kind as well.

So before you rush off to hire mobile toilets to cater for your guests’ most basic needs for comfort, consider what type of event you are hosting, and which option, therefore, would be better for you.
Formal Events
Black-tie events and weddings come with specialised needs as far as toilets are concerned. Consider that many of your guests are going to be donning elegant gowns, long dresses and the like. You can’t expect them to face a single unit in that kind of garb, they will need something a little more fitting.

In such cases, consider a larger, more spacious solution like trailers outfitted with lighting, mirrors and running water.
Music Festivals
Music festivals and similar events have one major challenge when it comes to mobile toilet hire¸ and that is one of quantity.

The more guests you have, the more toilets you will need in order to eliminate long queues, hygiene battles and an overall collection of disgruntled guests. This can, of course, get expensive fast, so in such a setting, festival organisers often opt for quantity over quality.
Food Festivals
Food festivals have the unique challenge of having to maintain exceptional levels of hygiene, which can be wholly difficult when dealing with hundreds, maybe thousands of guests a day.

For these types of events to be successful, mobile toilets with wash stations, soap and [...]

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