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Portable Toilets are Awesome

Throughout the year’s portable toilets have changed and they are more equipped and advanced. The portable toilet market is growing and more people are starting to hire them. The most common places where you can find a portable toilet is a traditional wedding, funeral, outdoor events, construction sites and camping site. Portable toilets have become so useful that they play a big role in our lives and they are convenient and easy to use.

Types of portable toilets

More convenient and easy to use portable toilets are being made. The more technology grows then the improvement is needed. There are unique designs that are being made and they work just like any plumbing system toilet but the difference is that a portable toilet can move from one place to another. Here are the different types of portable toilets that are commonly used:

Recirculating chemical portable toilet

Main connected toilet
Luxury portable toilet
Accessible portable toilet
Portable toilet cabins
Portable urinals
Baby change portable toilet
Long drop portable toilet

All these portable toilets are designed in a way to that can be easy to use and you can have them at any event and it does not matter how many people who use it, it is hygienic, strong and safe to use. These advanced portable toilets even have basins that you can use to wash your hands. They make it easier for a person and you do not have to stress about looking for a tap just to go wash your hands after using the toilet. Portable toilets have made life easier.

Chemical toilets

A chemical toilet is not connected to a sewage system but has a compartment in which waste is treated with chemicals [...]

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The History of Portable Toilets


The portable toilet industry began in the 1940’s in the shipbuilding yards of Long Beach, California. These toilets were created for the labourers who were working in ships to make it more convenient for them rather than docking each time they had to use the toilet. The first portable toilets were made of food and steel and they were very heavy. In the 70s new portable toilets were created and they were made of fibreglass. The reason why this new design was introduced it is because it was lighter than wood and it was easier to carry.


How a portable toilet is made?

A portable toilet is an easy to move toilet and it is used in various situations or in communities where they do not have toilets installed inside their homes. A portable toilet is much better than a bucket system and there is some privacy. Throughout the year’s portable toilets have been useful and different designs have been created such as:

Raw material: Few materials are needed when making this toilet and it is not heavy. The whole point of a portable toilet is for it to be moved from place to another so it is important to make a portable toilet that is light. The most important main component of the portable toilet is the sheet plastic, such as polyethene, which forms the actual toilet unit as well as the cabana in which it is contained, the pump and holding tank from the portable sewage system.

Portable toilet manufacturing process

Firstly the toilet unit is comprised of rigid, lightweight sheet plastic, which is formed into a box-like structure and secured with nuts, bolts, and rivets and the top sheet contains an opening for placement [...]

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