I’ve been to enough festivals over the years to have an intimate understanding of the challenges they face when it comes to ablution and hygiene. Staying clean through three solid days of outdoor fun is difficult enough, but when one considers the need for basic human comforts like the availability of lavatories, the troubles of maintaining hygiene and a sanitised environment become ever more present. The availability of clean, working toilets is a serious consideration wherever large groups of people gather. Add a general drunken and mis-behavioural vibe to the equation, and you can see why the problem becomes quite a complex one. So, if you are heading up such an event, and you want to make sure that each of your guests are comfortable, here are some tips for setting up ablution facilities in your venue.

Make them Accessible and Visible

Festival grounds generally cover a large space to accommodate an influx of guests as well as facilities, entertainment, food and the like. This means that guest accommodations will be scattered over a large area. To keep them comfortable, you should make sure that the ablution facilities are easily sighted and not difficult to get to regardless of where on the property your guests are staying, so a central location should be chosen. However, for reasons of hygiene, they should also be a little removed from other areas and activities, lest mess and unpleasant odours permeate the areas where your guests are likely to frequent.

Let your Guests Wash Up

Mobile toilet hire services ought to come with a means for your guests to wash up once they have concluded their business. Running water, correct drainage and washing up materials should therefore be supplied to ensure that [...]