At Comfort Loo’s we are now the leading operator in the local Johannesburg, toilet hire market. We offer the latest, technically innovative units allowing our customers, the pleasure of using world class products on the market today. Our extensive fleet of mobile, portable toilet hire allows for customer satisfaction no matter what your requirements are. Below we go through a variety of frequently asked questions, in order to help you make an informed decision about hiring a portable toilet.

Is it possible to rent a portable toilet for just one day?
Yes, you can rent out portable toilets or special event units on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Where Can I Use A Portable Toilet?
If you are wondering what sort of places are good fits for portable toilets. The answer is, any outdoor event, concert or public gathering where restrooms are not easily accessible is a good fit for portable toilet rentals. A construction site is another place that might require portable toilets for workers. Weddings or family outings that take place outside away from indoor restrooms could also benefit from portable toilet rentals as well.

Should I Use A Portable Toilets Instead Of The A Public Restroom?
It is advised to consider hiring portable toilets for events even if the location hosting your event has public restrooms, as this will help to minimize the maintenance that you have to worry about. Portable toilet trailers are often an easier option, if you want reliable, consistent facilities that your guests can use. You won’t need to be worry about overflowing sinks, clogged toilets or other similar problems.

Can I Use Portable Toilets At Nicer Events?
Yes! If you’re hosting a nice event outdoors, such [...]