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Why do people need portable restroom services?

Long before our complex pipe system was invented and the sewerage treatment plants came into effect, people used to dig up multiple holes in the ground and use them as lavatories. There was no controlled sanitation system that had been put in place as yet. It was later upgraded to a form of the seat that was made up of a wooden plank with a hole cut in the middle, these toilets date back to the fourteenth century B.C. Some of the toilets were later given clay pots that were regularly cleaned instead of standing above a deep hole in the ground.  It, however, took them some time before they realized there was a need for privacy and this is how they started putting up walls to cover the toilet as opposed to placing the toilets in bushes that are far from their residential areas.

In the modern-day, we have a complex network of pipes fitted into almost every home collecting waste from all connected lavatories. These pipes lead everything down through the mainlines to the sewerage treatment plant where the water and waste undergo a series of specified treatments after which the purified water is then released back into the water system for re-use.

Now when the pipe system was implemented in the Victorian era, much like today a lot of areas such as work stations and farm areas far from the city centre still had no access to the luxury of the modern sanitary system. These are the people for which Comfort Loos has aimed at providing with dignified sanitation systems that are portable and need not be connected to any sewer lines.

Portable toilets are sanitary systems that are not built into any [...]

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How Many Toilets Does Your Next Event Need?

When planning for an event, a portable toilet may not be the first thing on your mind; which is one of the reasons why so many events under-cater in this regard.

Fortunately, ensuring that there are enough mobile toilets at an event is our business, which means that we are always thinking about how best to do it; which puts us in the ideal position to ensure that your event has everything it needs to ensure the dignity and comfort of your guests when nature calls.

Being able to do this, while ensuring that you stay within budget, requires a few things to think about, such as the number of guests you are expecting, what you are serving them, and how accessible your bathrooms need to be.

To help you with this, we will explore a few of the particulars when it comes to mobile toilet hire, to ensure that you have everything covered.

We will do this by looking at why having enough toilets at your event is essential, we will give you some questions to ask yourself when hiring them, and will also demonstrate some of the advantages to getting it right.

So, let’s get started:
Why Ample Toilets are Important
You’re a human being with the same natural functions as me, so you don’t need to be told why toilets are important, especially at an outdoor event where these simple comforts are not always easy to find.

But when it comes to the importance of having enough toilets on the premises, there are a number of reasons why you need to ensure that you get it right.

The first reason is simply the comfort of your guests. Simply knowing that they won’t have to make some sort of [...]

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