Let’s face it, mobile toilet hire isn’t always associated with the most glamourous of qualities, but if thinking about portable toilets inspires no sense of luxury, comfort and above all, hygiene in you, then perhaps you haven’t come across the right one.

But portable toilets are not just for outdoor festivals and building sites, oftentimes they need to reach the bar of sophistication and comfort; and at all times, they need to offer an experience that is characterised by hygiene.

For the Comfort of the Throne

If the thought of portable toilets recalls cramped, dank interiors, little lighting and nothing in the way of comfort, then you obviously haven’t come across the +Maxi VIP Mobile Toilet from Comfort Loos.

Far from being the stereotypical bare base cubical, these units offer a fresh and modern design, 2-ply toilet paper, everything you need for comfort and privacy, and are spacious enough to give you all the room you need for conducting… business.

Both Portable & Proper

Not all portable toilets are right for any situation. When your event hosts guests of the highest calibre, not just any old toilet will do.

That’s where Comfort Loos comes in. Our VIP portable toilets offer something in the way of top-end luxury, complete with room for a top hat, monocle and what other type of gentrified accessory your guests might take with them during their private times.

Taking Care of Business

Hygiene is an essential concern wherever our most natural bodily function takes place, and Comfort Loos provides for it with each and every one of their offers.

From VIP stalls with sinks, soap dispensers and towels to wash stations, shower fleets and specialised cleaning services, your hygiene needs are always taken care of.

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