While toilets don’t always make for the best discussions, they are a necessity in our lives. When hosting large events (whether they be entertainment or corporate in nature), being able to source the right solution can make all the difference to the comfort of your guests. To help you make the right decision (and steer you in the direction of the executive option) when hiring one for your next event, our team at Comfort Loos brings you an executive mobile toilet hire option that will give your guests the privacy, comfort and hygiene that they need. So what does the executive approach get you?

Fully Flushable Mobile Toilets

Sometimes it can be easy to take life’s little luxuries for granted; you know, things like flushing toilets. You only truly know what you miss when it’s no longer there, as anyone who has ever needed to go to the bathroom at a festival can tell you. With our executive options, your guests won’t need to know how that feels.

Luxury Two-Ply Toilet Paper

While many of your guests will think ahead and bring their own supply of tissue, not many actually will. That’s not a problem, with our mobile executive toilet option, your guests will have luxury two-ply toilet tissue available to them.

Hand-towels and Soap Dispensers

Hygiene is something that should never be compromised on, no matter how big the event. In fact, the more people you are catering for, the more you need to think about it due to large concentrations of people using the facilities. Our executive option will keep things clean by providing hand-towels, soap dispensers and washing basins with running water for your guests comfort and hygiene.

Facilities for Ladies and Gents

While unisex toilets are considered a bohemian novelty to some, most of your guests will feel a little uncomfortable sharing bathrooms with those of the opposite sex. Our executive options will supply facilities that are dedicated to men and women respectively.

Janitorial Services when needed

If you function is going on for an extended time, such as a few days or weeks, you will need to pay attention to the cleanliness of your ablution facilities; whether they are mobile or not. With high concentrations of people, toilets can get messy fast, and would need some serious janitorial work to keep them hygienic. With our executive offers, janitorial services can be offered upon request.

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