Catering for a large amount of people comes with a number of challenges and considerations, and often enough, the most overlooked of these is possibly the most important.

Where your guests go to ‘do their business’ should be your business; since keeping them comfortable at your event requires having not only enough toilets for them to use, but the right kind as well.

So before you rush off to hire mobile toilets to cater for your guests’ most basic needs for comfort, consider what type of event you are hosting, and which option, therefore, would be better for you.

Formal Events

Black-tie events and weddings come with specialised needs as far as toilets are concerned. Consider that many of your guests are going to be donning elegant gowns, long dresses and the like. You can’t expect them to face a single unit in that kind of garb, they will need something a little more fitting.

In such cases, consider a larger, more spacious solution like trailers outfitted with lighting, mirrors and running water.

Music Festivals

Music festivals and similar events have one major challenge when it comes to mobile toilet hire¸ and that is one of quantity.

The more guests you have, the more toilets you will need in order to eliminate long queues, hygiene battles and an overall collection of disgruntled guests. This can, of course, get expensive fast, so in such a setting, festival organisers often opt for quantity over quality.

Food Festivals

Food festivals have the unique challenge of having to maintain exceptional levels of hygiene, which can be wholly difficult when dealing with hundreds, maybe thousands of guests a day.

For these types of events to be successful, mobile toilets with wash stations, soap and running water are utterly essential.

Catering for Children

Events that cater for the whole family need to bear in mind that toilet facilities will need to accommodate more than one person at a time. For this reason, paraplegic units are often the best option, since they come with more than enough space.

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