When planning for an event, a portable toilet may not be the first thing on your mind; which is one of the reasons why so many events under-cater in this regard.

Fortunately, ensuring that there are enough mobile toilets at an event is our business, which means that we are always thinking about how best to do it; which puts us in the ideal position to ensure that your event has everything it needs to ensure the dignity and comfort of your guests when nature calls.

Being able to do this, while ensuring that you stay within budget, requires a few things to think about, such as the number of guests you are expecting, what you are serving them, and how accessible your bathrooms need to be.

To help you with this, we will explore a few of the particulars when it comes to mobile toilet hire, to ensure that you have everything covered.

We will do this by looking at why having enough toilets at your event is essential, we will give you some questions to ask yourself when hiring them, and will also demonstrate some of the advantages to getting it right.

So, let’s get started:

Why Ample Toilets are Important

You’re a human being with the same natural functions as me, so you don’t need to be told why toilets are important, especially at an outdoor event where these simple comforts are not always easy to find.

But when it comes to the importance of having enough toilets on the premises, there are a number of reasons why you need to ensure that you get it right.

The first reason is simply the comfort of your guests. Simply knowing that they won’t have to make some sort of plan when nature calls will help them to relax.

Secondly, you have a responsibility to your guests to provide them with an event that maintains the best possible levels of hygiene. When you do not provide a dedicated place for them to do their business, hygiene becomes all the more difficult to maintain.

You will need to ensure that there are enough portable toilets available at your event to accommodate all of your guests. This doesn’t mean one toilet per guest (that would be overkill), but rather ensuring that you have enough of them to keep queues short, even at their busiest.

This brings us to another point; your guests didn’t spend that money and come all of this way to spend the entire duration of the event waiting in line for a toilet.

To ensure that they get the best possible enjoyment of what you have planned for them, make sure that there are enough toilets to ensure people won’t spend the bulk of your event waiting to use one.

Common Mistakes when Sourcing Ample Toilets

With that out of the way, let’s look at a few of the most common mistakes people make when hiring portable toilets. These generally boil down to not having enough for the scope of your event, and there are a few ways that this can happen:

Not Accounting for All of Your Guests

The larger your event, the more bathrooms you will need to provide for your guests.

In smaller numbers, this is generally easy to stay on top of, but for those massive festivals that accommodate thousands of people, you will need to think about quantities with a bit more care.

Not Thinking About the Length of the Event

The longer your event goes on, the more need you will have for a portable toilet. You will also need to think about things like cleaning services to keep them hygienic and to have their consumables (like toilet paper, soap dispensers and paper towels) restocked.

This means that you will need to plan ahead, especially if your event lasts longer than a day.

Not Accommodating Disabled Guests

Different guests will have different needs, and in many cases, your plan for providing toilets needs to accommodate this.

This is particularly the case if any of your guests are disabled or have special needs, for whom using a standard portable toilet can be difficult and unpleasant.

If you are expecting to have any disabled personnel at your event (in fact, even if you aren’t exclusively expecting it) you need to ensure that their needs are met with disabled toilets.

Overdoing It

While hiring too many mobile toilets isn’t specifically a bad thing (your guests will certainly appreciate the convenience), it will end up costing you far more than you would otherwise need to spend.

This can get costly very quickly. The best way to avoid this is to get all of the information about the size and length of the event and your guest list and consult with a mobile toilet hire company first, to ensure that you get the right quantities.

Questions to ask when Deciding on Quantity

So, let’s help you to avoid these mistakes by being properly prepared when hiring a portable toilet. To do this, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Where is the Event Located?

The location of the event will determine your needs for portable toilets to a fairly great extent. You will need to consider a few things in this regard.

Firstly, is there any accessible infrastructure nearby that guests can use in a pinch. Its not ideal, but it’s something. The more isolated your event, the more important it becomes to provide for the needs of your guests.

The next thing to consider is how much space your location has.

You will require more of it if you hire a large number of toilets. This should be done without having to sacrifice on space used for the event itself.

How Many People are Coming?

Planning for portable toilet hire should be pretty far down on your list; not because it is unimportant, but because you need to have a few other details figured out first.

One such issue would be the number of people who you are planning on hosting, which is a number you may only be able to finalise once planning is well underway.

Either way, you need to take a specific stock of how many people will need access to a toilet during the event.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to have 1 toilet per 100 attendees, however, this does depend on a few other factors.

How Long is the Event?

The longer the event, the more of a need there will be for toilets and related facilities. There will also be a need to keep them clean and properly stocked.

Events that go on for longer than a day will also need to accommodate for ablution facilities, which may also need to be hired to ensure that your guests can maintain proper levels of hygiene from start to finish.

This will also make them more comfortable, dignified and relaxed throughout the proceedings of your event.

What are You Serving?

This is an important factor to consider wherever toilet hire is concerned, and it is a detail that you simply cannot afford to neglect.

If you are serving alcohol at your event, especially in particularly high quantities, you will almost certainly have a much higher demand for toilets than if you didn’t. There is something about alcohol that has people making more frequent trips to the loo than other types of drinks, so if you are serving it, you need to be prepared.

A similar approach should be taken for those events that offer high quantities of food.

Let’s say you’re at a food festival that lasts the entire day, you would almost certainly have more of a need for a working, hygienic toilet than you would at a gaming conference where only snacks are served.

How Many Can You Accommodate?

When planning for the size and scope of your event, it is important to not only think about providing adequate amounts of portable toilets to your guests, but you will also have to think about how many toilets can fit into your event without taking up too much space.

If your event is planned carefully, this should just fall into place, but you should still take a moment to ensure you get it right.

If your event can comfortably hold 2000 people, and you want to accommodate that many, that means that you will be looking at hiring about 200 portable toilets. But will there be enough space for that many without having to sacrifice somewhere else?

Remember that you will also need to be able to accommodate bars, stages, tents, shops and the like.

This is so important, in fact, that it might be worth your while to opt to accommodate fewer people, to ensure that there is enough space for washrooms. Lest you have visitors snaking between portable toilets to get to where they need to go; unsettling for everyone involved.

Advantages of Portable Toilets

Before you get to planning out how many toilets you will need to have at your event (or perhaps you are thinking you might risk not getting any), let’s first take a moment to show you how getting this right, can make all the difference to your event.

There are a number of advantages to be had from getting mobile toilet hire right, including enhanced comfort and hygiene, improved cost-effectiveness when compared to using permanent bathrooms, as well as the fact that they are useable on just about any type of terrain.

Let’s take a closer look at each:

Comfort for Visitors

Ensuring that your guests have a clean, easy to access place to take care of their business will give them peace of mind while at your event, which in turn, will add to their comfort and happiness.

Ensuring that your guests get the most enjoyment possible out of your event is the end goal after all, and if they have nowhere to take a private moment when nature calls will do little to ensure a pleasant experience.

Event Stays Hygienic

If you have ever hosted (or have been to) an outdoor event like a music festival, you will understand how quickly things can get messy, but not all of your guests will be comfortable with that -in fact, very few wills.

As humans, we are quite (and rightfully) obsessed with personal hygiene, and many people can become quite distressed when maintaining it is difficult.

Your event can make personal hygiene much easier for your guests by ensuring that you have ample toilets and that they are stocked with everything your guests need.


If you are opting to rather use your permanent ablution facilities for a bathroom at your event, you need to ensure that they accommodate everyone (remember 1 toilet to 100 people). But besides this, there is another matter to worry about- that of the cost of doing so.

Every flush, every time a tap opens, and every time you take to cleaning, it will cost you money on labour, cleaning utensils and consumables, as well as the cost of the water that gets used. Co0nsider how frequently your toilets will be used, and this cost begins to rise steadily.

If the event is large enough, it might be a much better, and more cost-effective idea, to hire a mobile toilet instead.

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