How quality and clever chemicals used can make a portable loo comfortable. Toilet hygiene relies on long lasting and effective chemicals.

These chemicals not only have to clean the toilet, but be safe on humans as well. Everyone always has questions like should I use this toilet? Or are these toilets clean and safe to use?

The answer to all these questions is yes you should use comfort loos and yes they are clean and safe at all times. Here is why you should use portable loos at an event.

Types of chemicals used

Dye – In Comfort loos dye is used to reduce odours’ in the toilet. This chemical is used in small structured tanks, which needs to be emptied often.

When these are hired the company does all the cleaning, that’s why most people prefer to hire loos. This dye is normally blue in colour, so when urine and faeces interact with it, it turns green in colour.

Biocides – These are products that keep the bacteria away.

For example: spraying disinfectant when you walk into an office or into the hospital. These keep the germs away and they also protect your skin against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

This can be used to sanitize the toilet seat and hands before and after you use the loo.

Emulsifier –  These are molecules used in comfort loos to make water and oils combine and not separate.

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Most of these are used for odours but also other chemicals are used to clean the actual toilet.

These three chemicals work together by disinfecting and removing all odour and making it extra safe for humans to use.

Portable loos are the best for events and especially construction sites.

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