which portable toilet is best for which eventPortable toilets are generally made up of durable plastic and they are lightweight, making it easy to set them up almost anywhere. Portable toilets are versatility and convenient. Their portability and lightweight design make portable toilets, perfect for sporting events, concerts, outdoor events and family reunions

Modern portable toilets come with a variety options depending on how much you want to spend, the size and type of event. With all these options it is hard to determine which toilet is right for which event. Below we break it down for you in order to help you pick the perfect portable toilet for your next event

When you are planning to organize an event it is important to make sure you have enough bathroom facilities for your guests so that they are able to enjoy themselves without worrying about queuing. When it comes to making a choice between a portable toilet and a toilet trailer it all comes down to personal preference.

Furthermore, portable toilets are ideal for outdoor events of a larger scale. This is due to the fact that they are affordable and lightweight, which would make it feasible to add a larger number of units to a venue quickly and without any hustle.

On the other hand, toilet trailers are ideal for events that are more formal. You would want your guests to feel as though they are using more than just a portable toilet when they enter the toilet trailer. Toilet trailers unlike a lot of simple portable toilets, have electricity, flushing toilets, sinks and mirrors which helps to make them feel more like a permanent restroom. Making toilet trails perfect for an office gathering, a wedding or any other formal events.

Therefore, whichever option you choose, adding portable toilets to a venue is always a smart decision. Avoid the stress of hosting an event and rent a toilet trailer or a portable toilet today. Your guests will thank you for it. Contact Comfort loos today and we will take care of the delivery, installation and cleanup so you will be able to enjoying your event!