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  • Portable hand wash station | Four Person Wash Station

+Four Person Wash Station, Bravo Sink, Foam Sanistand

For all your hand washing requirements

Bravo Sink:

  • 1000-sheet Paper Capacity
  • Two Soap Dispensers

4 Person Wash Station:

  • Hands-free Foot Pump
  • Compact, Multi-User Sink
  • Soap & Towel Dispenser

Foam Sanistand:

  • 4 Foaming Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
  • Antiseptic Foam kills 99% of germs on hands
  • 5,300 single uses
  • The most convenient way yet to keep hands clean… even when water is not available.  Great for agriculture, food, and construction work sites, Protects children in schools, playgrounds, and festivals.

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+Events Unit/PJN3

Height: 231cm, Width: 110cm, Length: 119cm, Holding Tank: 227 litre Weight: 75kg

Features & Advantages:

  • Equipped with a foot pump flushing mechanism, thus avoiding the transfer of germs from hand to hand
  • Advanced Waste Tank
  • Equipped with a Footpump Flushing Mechanism
  • Soap & Toilet Roll Dispenser
  • Spacious with Unique Ventilation System
  • Unique ventilation system
  • Hand Wash Basin

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+Industrial Construction Non Flushable

Height: 231cm, Width: 119cm, Length: 119cm, Holding Tank: 227 litre, Weight: 75kg
Features & Advantages:

  • Advanced Waste Tank
  • Non-splash Urinal
  • Spacious Design
  • Non-Flushing Unit
  • Available in Blue, Orange or Mustard colours

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+Maxi VIP Mobile Toilet

This is our flagship unit. Offering two cubicles (Ladies and Gents), with the latest design and technology and a spacious interior all on a single axel with a clean white finish.
*For those wanting to spend a little extra

Features & Advantages:

  • Modern Clean Design with White Finish
  • Luxury Elite Two Ply Toilet Tissue
  • Elite Hand Towels with Soap Dispensers
  • Ladies & Gents Facilites
  • Solar Panel Allows Longer Battery Life
  • Hand Wash Basin with Running Water

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+Paraplegic Unit Flush

Height: 231cm, Width: 157cm, Length: 157cm, Holding Tank: 125 litre, Weight: 108kg

Features & Advantages:

  • Easy access and use for disabled persons
  • Oversized Door
  • Spacious Interior
  • Three Grab Bars on Inside Walls
  • Room for Wheel Chair

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+Fleet Shower Unit

  • Perfectly mobile shower for all your showering requirements at events, parties and functions.
  • The unit is becoming more and more popular in all fields, from construction through to disaster relief.
  • The unit has a simple hose connect for fresh water with drainage pipe to rear of unit.

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+VIP Portable Units Events

Height: 231cm, Width: 119cm, Length: 119cm, Holding Tank: 227 litre, Weight: 88kg

Features & Advantages:

  • Advanced Waste Tank
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Unique Ventilation System
  • Hand Wash Basin
  • Most Efficient Use of Interior Space